Erik Kõvamees - 2019 EFC Scholarship Recipient

Erik Kõvamees is one of 7 exceptional Canadian-Estonian youth to be granted a 2019 EFC Scholarship. Erik has been active in the Vancouver Estonian community his whole life – starting with Estonian school to now serving as the present contributing editor of the Läänekaare Postipoiss. He is currently working on his PhD in Semiotics at Tartu University. He will use the EFC Scholarship to help complete his studies and support his young family.

On being Estonian:

“Being Estonian means the world to me…The Vancouver Estonian community has offered me an indescribable amount of support, and has given me friendships, values, and a sense of identity. I feel it is my duty to make sure that continuity with our local and national past is not broken, and to perpetuate the community for future generations so that they may have the same experiences that I did. “

On the role of EFC:

“The Estonian Foundation of Canada is important to the Estonian community of Canada because, simply put, it perpetuates the community. The significant funding offered by the Foundation for Estonian projects and programming all across Canada allows specific communities to keep continuity with their pasts, as well as to create plans for their futures. The significant resources offered by the Foundation form the economic foundation necessary to keep cultural heritages alive, and without this financial backing many of these communities would unfortunately be lost.”

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Estonian Foundation of Canada has granted over 130 scholarships to Canadian-Estonian youth since 2003. See for details on eligibility and application dates or to make a donation to help support youth in our community.



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