Liis Jakobson - 2019 EFC Scholarship Recipient

Liis Jakobson is one of 7 exceptional Canadian-Estonian youth to be granted a 2019 EFC Scholarship. Liis is currently in the 3rd and final year of her law degree at the University of Windsor, preparing for a career as a criminal lawyer. An active member of Korp! Filiae Patriae, Liis has already completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto. Growing up in Toronto, Liis attended Estonian school, summer camps and girl guides. While away at university, Liis remains active in the Toronto-Estonian community.

On being Estonian:

To me, being Estonian means being part of a large extended family. Growing up in the Toronto Estonian community meant that there was a vast network of people who I could reach out to … having a sense of belonging with such a large group of people is something special…It has been a place of laughter, support, learning, and the cultivation of truly lifelong friendships. This is why being Estonian is important to me.

On the role of EFC:

EFC helps fund organizations and events that, without the additional funding, may not be possible. Participation in these [diverse] events keeps individuals involved in the community, where relationships are formed and discussions about Estonian heritage are encouraged. Maintaining a connection to the Estonian heritage is vitally important in the preservation of cultural traditions and it helps us truly understand our roots.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Estonian Foundation of Canada has granted over 130 scholarships to Canadian-Estonian youth since 2003. See for details on eligibility and application dates or to make a donation to help support youth in our community.



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