Peggy (Margaret) Jupe - 2019 EFC Scholarship Recipient

Peggy Jupe is one of 7 exceptional Canadian-Estonian youth to be granted a 2019 EFC Scholarship. Peggy is in 3rd year studying Vocal Music and Music History with a Minor in Psychology at Western University. Her goal is to become a Music Therapist and further the management of mood disorders through choral singing. Though not part of the Estonian community growing up, she has always cherished her Estonian heritage and visited family in Estonia when touring the Baltic States with her youth choir. The EFC Scholarship will help Peggy to support herself while completing her education.

On being Estonian:

 “My Estonian identity and my love of music are intimately linked. The tradition of choral music is a deep, rich [respected] part of Estonian culture. I hope to be a part of that tradition, and further its place on the world stage, and present the world with the significance that my Estonian heritage has impressed upon my music: namely its power of community, identity, and improvement. It is through the inspiring lessons of my Estonian culture that I learned the ways in which music can change lives.”

On the role of EFC:

The Estonian Foundation of Canada is of vital importance to the community… as a unifying and vocal presence for the Estonian community, the Foundation ensures the Estonian presence in [the Canadian] tapestry…[by promoting the ability of] Estonian-Canadians to unite under and share our unique and beautiful culture with our community and the rest of Canada.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Estonian Foundation of Canada has granted over 130 scholarships to Canadian-Estonian youth since 2003. See for details on eligibility and application dates or to make a donation to help support youth in our community.



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