Meet our Donors!

Meet our Donors!

Meet some of the generous EFC donors from across the country and across generations who make a difference today and are helping ensure the future of Estonian culture in Canada.

Join them and donate to EFC today! Toetage täna Sihtakapitali!

Ingrid Soans and Norman Reintamm

Ingrid and Norman are active participants in Hamilton Estonian community events and great supporters of Estonian music and culture. They have been EFC donors for over 10 years. Why?  “As children, both of us reaped the benefits of the Estonian community and its extended family. It is important for us that youngsters in the Estonian community have the same level of support that we had. Giving to the EFC helps sustain this effort for generations to come.”

Marta Kivik

Marta Kivik has been an annual donor to the EFC since 1993. Why? An active participant in the Estonian community, she understands that it takes both volunteer effort and real dollars to keep up the activities and organizations she loves. Recently retired, Marta wants her grandchildren to connect to their heritage right here in Canada – and she’s helping to preserve it.

Reet and Jaanus Marley

The Marleys are a family who give back. Three generations are currently active as donors, volunteers and participants in our community! Join them and donate to EFC today!

Reet ja Jaanus Marley on tuntud ja aktiivsed liikmed meie Eesti kogukonnas. Nad toetavad tegevust oma osavõtuga, vabatahtliku tööga ja ka rahaliselt, olles üle 25 aastat lahked ESK annetajad. “Tänu Sihtkapitali toetusele on püsinud need organisatsioonid milles meie ja meie tütred võtsid osa.  Nüüd käivad meie tütretütred eesti koolides, rahvatantsus, hellakeste koondustel, Jõekäärul ja Kotkajärvel.  Nii püsib ka nende eesti keel ja huvi Eesti vastu.

Eda Matiisen McClung

Eda is a proud Alberta-Estonian. She is a vital leader in the community, past long-time editor of Ajakaja magazine and an EFC donor for over 25 years.

“We in Alberta have been the beneficiaries of EFC support across many projects to promote and preserve the unique Estonian heritage of this province. The remarkable 120-year history of the Estonian community in Alberta has been documented in film, book, website and through presentations in Canada, USA and Estonia. EFC has played an important role in developing and maintaining the community we enjoy today. The Foundation is an organization worthy of our continued financial support.”

Elli Kipper

Elli Kipper is exemplary! She has been both participant and a volunteer in every aspect of our community - schools, guides, choirs, dancing, camps, church, and more. She is also a monthly donor to EFC. Why? “I give to the Estonian Foundation of Canada because the activities I was part of growing up have moulded me into the person I am today.  I have been given opportunities for leadership, networking and overall personal growth.  I give so that these opportunities can be given to the next generation and so everyone can experience this wonderful community, rooted in their love of Estonia and Estonian culture.”

Ain Dave Kiil

Ain Dave Kiil has been instrumental in preserving Alberta’s Estonian heritage and community. Dave has been an EFC donor since 1993. Why? “EFC support enabled Alberta Estonian Heritage Society to highlight the 120-year history of Alberta’s small Estonian Community. The AEHS received major grants enabling Alberta’s Estonian Community to document and publish information about our Estonian Heritage in two books, the Internet and a DVD. The Foundation has and continues to play a vital role in supporting and funding many cultural and heritage programs in Canada.”

Evi Vahtra

Evi Vahtra is a passionate Estonian and has been active in our community. She is also a long-time monthly donor to EFC. Evi says “I give to EFC because I am no longer as involved with the community as I was, and this is a way for me to continue to support the activities that are important. EFC has a long history of making sure that our community organisations have access to financial support. I don't always know where to direct my donations, but by making a painless monthly donation, I know that the money is being used to keep our community strong.”

Dr. William Covert

Bill Covert is dedicated to the Estonian community and a generous donor to EFC since 2012. Bill’s donations to EFC is a way to pay tribute to his wife Dr. Kersti Võntso-Covert, and help to preserve the Estonian heritage in Canada for future generations. He knows that his gifts to EFC support activities today and ensure the future of the community.

What a wonderful way to honour the memory of his wife. Last year, Bill made a trip to Toronto to experience the community, meet EFC and receive a Gold Blade on the EFC Donor Wall – in both their names.



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