Your Donations at Work

EFC has provided consistent, significant support to generations of Estonians in Canada for ongoing and new projects and initiatives.

Applications are accepted twice annually. All applications undergo rigorous review by EFC's independent, experienced volunteer Board of Directors, based on charitable purposes, accepted policies and regulations.

EFC funds the following through your donations:

  • Estonians Schools, Language & Cultural Instruction - Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Alberta, Vancouver
  • Estonian Summer Camps - Jõekääru, Seedrioru, Lättemäe
  • Folk Dance - Kungla, NPA Tantsulaager
  • Choirs - Estonia, Ööbik, Men's Choir, Hamilton Choir, Toronto School Choir
  • Community Initiatives - Vancouver, Alberta, southern Ontario
  • Festivals - Estonian Music Week, Seedrioru Suvihari, LEP
  • Community Events - EFC's An Estonian Christmas/Rahvajõulupuu, Commemorations, Estonian Independence Day, special events from Estonia
  • Scholarships for post-secondary education for Estonian Canadians
  • International Estonian Centre - A new home to connect Estonians and showcase our heritage and culture
  • Efforts across all age groups to preserve and share the past, present and future

The EFC and its volunteer Board work with our many partners to support and sustain communities and initiatives. With your support, we will also continue to develop new and exciting ways to bring Estonians together across Canada.



We need your help to continue our work for the community.

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The Estonian Foundation of Canada is a registered charity that supports Estonian cultural and heritage initiatives across Canada.

Charitable No. 891452575 RR 0001


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